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There are many carport companies across South Africa, each offering a great range of quality carports to protect our cars. But one question always comes up: what is the price of a carport?

Carport Prices is an easy way to buy a carport. Our friendly staff are prepared to take your specifications into account in designing the perfect carport for your home or business.

Let's take a look at some of the factors that influence carport prices:



A Buyer's Guide to Carports

The basic premise of how to price a carport is specifying your preferences. The two main factors are:

Anything extra such as anchors, extra bracing, customizations, etc. would of course incur additional costs.


If you would like exact carport prices, contact us and receive competitive quotes from the best carport companies in your area.


When you are looking to buy a carport, you want quality experience with professional carport experts. You don't want to deal with a complicated process and you would like choices to compare between.

We've made it our goal to make your carport shopping experience into something you'll love as much as you'll love the new structure itself. A carport is a long-term investment that is great for the longevity and protection of your car.

Our experienced carport experts are ready to help you design your carport that's sure to please. Because we use only the highest- skilled carport builders, they will construct a carport engineered for excellence and longevity.

Also note that a solid construction means your carport will have increased resistance to environmental threats such as hail. You'll be saving even more money in repairs for your vehicles and other equipment.



More Information on Carport Styles

Shadeport / Cantilever Carport

These carports are considered to be very versatile and often the most popular for businesses and estates with their distinctive cantilever style at the top. They are also generally the sturdier option as the structure is made from a durable metal.

Canopy / Metal Carport

These carports are generally cheaper than shaded carports as they have hard top canopy structures. Often these tops are made from plastic/PVC which can reduce the cost quite significantly. They are often found on the sides of garages and mainly for residential properties.



The Benefits of Carports

There are many benefits of having a carport. They are the perfect place to store your recreational vehicles and they also provide fantastic additional protection to go over jacuzzies, play areas, workshops, and on the braai with family and friends.


Here's a summary of the main benefits:


There are plenty more reasons carports are the perfect choice, but the above reasons are some of the main and sometimes overlooked reasons to start your new carport project today. Before doing anything, it's a great idea to have a plan together and to know what it is you are looking for. Your carport should not only be an extension of your home or business, but also of you.

Having a covered area to park your car when you do not have a garage can be solved by installing a carport. Carports are available in many sizes, which allows you to decide between a single wide unit for one vehicle, double units for two vehicles or even carports big enough to park your caravan underneath it.

One other great benefit is that you don't need to have the carport attached to your home unless you want it installed there. You can also have multiple carports attached to one another when you need different size units – this is often ideal for estates and secure complexes with hundreds of cars.


Some other things to look for when considering to buy a carport include:

1. The right amount of space
Make sure that the area you would like covered provides enough space horizontally and vertically as this is often an overlooked factor. You will need to decide whether you want the carport placed over a concrete slap, on brick paving or even on the grass. Also make sure there is enough clearance for installation and that trees and power lines are not too low.

2. The shadeport cover quality and colour

If you decide to opt for the cantilever carport, make sure it has the correct mesh fabric and that has some form of UV protection which helps prevent colour loss in the future.

3. Experienced installers

This may seem often, but you can't just have a regular handy-man do this for you. You will need experienced carport installers to handle everything from start to finish.

4. Do comparisons

Just like any major purchase, it's important to do pricing comparisons and it's no different with carports. Some deals may seem great, but when you find out it is only for the materials itself then that's not good news. It's important to find carport installers that give good prices with installation included in the agreement without hidden costs. We are the solution to this.




What are your carport prices?

Contact us for a competitive carport quote and we will send you all the information you need to make an informed decision to install the best possible carport in your city. We have a database of experienced carport installers and they will send you quotes to compare between.

This saves a lot of time from your side doing the research. Now you can just come to one website to find the most affordable and competitive rates from highly-skilled carport and shadeport businesses.


How long does a carport last for?

Carports have a very long longevity period. It depends on a lot of factors, but the best place you can start is with the right carport company to do the installation and to see what their workmanship and guarantees are like. Just make sure you invest in quality… there are plenty of cheap ones out there and although it may seem like an amazing deal, it might not be beneficial in the long run.


What is the best carport to buy?

This depends on what your requirements are, where it will be located and your budget. Would you prefer shaded or canopy? Is it for a single parking or up to four parking's? Does the style compliment the surroundings?


Difference between a car port and garage?

The most obvious difference is that a garage has walls on three sides and a garage door on the front allowing the unit to be completely closed. Compared with car ports, they are left open and at a minimum only have a roof which provides protection for the car from direct sunlight and some elements, and it often does not have to have side walls.


Does a carport add value to my property?

There is a common misconception that having a carport would negatively affect the value of a property. This is just not true! If you have a carport, your property value actually has the opportunity to increase. You now have the opportunity to create value where there was once none. Adding a carport provides extra covered parking, as well as storage for boats, lawn mowers and other items.




The right carport is a great investment as an extension of your home or business. Be smart and start out right with the best carport companies in your area. Carports are designed to protect against sun, wind rain and snow. They are durable, versatile and can often be erected in just one day!


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